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Liver Cup Challenge

Top Fundraising Medical Team

Top Recruiting Medical Team

Team Gratitude (35 Walkers)

Top Stepper Medical Team

Hasbro Hepatic Heroes (2,438,823)

Final rankings are as of June 4, 2021 10pm EST.

The Liver Cup Challenge winners were announced during the Live-Stream Walk Celebration on June 5, 2021

This is the 7th year that Goryeb’s LFTs (Lil’ Fighters Taking steps) is participating in ALF’s Liver Life Walk. We walk because we enjoy a healthy game of competition to win the Liver Cup Challenge. We walk because we know how crucial research is to advancing lifesaving therapies. We walk to increase awareness for pediatric liver diseases. And most importantly, we walk to support all of our brave and strong “Lil’ Fighters,” including those who live on in our hearts.
Stephanie Schuckalo
RN, APN Goryeb's LFTs

The Liver Life Walk – Liver Cup Challenge provides a unique opportunity for medical teams across the country to engage in a friendly competition! Medical teams will be invited to participate in the following challenges, and the overall winner will earn bragging rights and the opportunity to display the Liver Cup Trophy at their institution or office.

The 2021 Liver Cup Challenges Include:

  • Top Fundraising Medical Team: The Medical team to raise the most money by Friday, June 4 will win the Liver Cup Challenge and earns the right to display the trophy at their institution or office until the 2022 Liver Life Walk. Totals include fundraising and sponsorship dollars.
  • Top Recruiting Medical Team: The Medical team to recruit the most walkers by Friday, June 4 will receive a plaque commemorating their efforts.
  • Top Steppers Medical Team: The Medical team to take the most steps by Friday, June 4 will receive a plaque commemorating their efforts.

Winners of all three challenges will be announced during the Live Stream Liver Life Walk Celebratory event on Saturday, June 5.

The Liver Life Walk - Liver Cup Challenge provided an opportunity to engage in friendly competition with other medical institutions as well as build camaraderie amongst the Illinois Gastroenterology Group staff and our patients.
Dr. Kim
Illinois Gastroenterology Group

Top Fundraising Medical Teams

Top Recruiting Medical Teams

Top Stepper Medical Teams

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