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Alan Adams- Dallas
Alan Adams 2- Dallas

2018 LIVEr Champion- Alan Adams

Champion: a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.


My name is Alan Adams.  My transplant journey started in November of 2013.
I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver then shortly after cancer was found in the liver next to the portal vein. Because of the location of the tumor next to the portal vein, surgery wasn’t an option. I began a four-month chemo treatment along with oral chemo normally used with kidney cancer. After the first two treatments the cancer was gone……….

I then began a two-year waiting period cancer free to become a candidate for transplant. During this two-year period my son came forward to be a living donor, after the two of us completed our workup he failed his last test. I was then asked to take my name off the transplant list because of my low meld score.

After several months of being off the list I started retaining fluid and became much weaker. After several treatments for the fluid retention I was taken back to committee and was approved to go back on the list. Two weeks after going back on the list I received a call to keep my cell phone with me at all times because I had moved to the top of the list.

Early Sunday morning August 28th I received the call, surgery started at 9 that morning.  After about 24 hours of surgery and recovery it was determined that the transplanted liver wasn’t working. On August 30th a second transplant was done with a much better outcome.  My recovery included 2 weeks in ICU, additional 3 weeks on 14 Roberts and 2 weeks in BIR rehab.

There are many reasons I’m with you today……my Faith, my family, my doctors, nurses, techs, and my friends refused to let me go. They are the true Champions.


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