Meet Julia Kennedy

Meet Julia Kennedy, Coordinator for the Oak Lawn Liver Life Walk.  After learning about her husband’s diagnosis with liver disease 4 years ago, her family came together to support him.  After completing tests, Julia and her husband learned one of their sons was a match to be a living donor.  On May 10th, two days before his 60th birthday he received the gift of life.  The surgery went well but shortly after he suffered several set backs that threatened his life.  As of November he has been in good health and on the road to recovery.  The Kennedy’s are grateful to have him back to his old self and look forward to enjoying time with grandchildren and spending the years to come together.  Julia chose to get involved with the American Liver Foundation as a way of giving back and for the many blessings her family has received.

Thank you to Julia and the Kennedy family for supporting the Liver Life Walk.  You can make a donation to support their team by clicking, here.



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