Incentive Prize

Fundraising is rewarding! We can’t thank our walkers enough for their fundraising efforts, but we can try! In 2019 Liver Life Walk is providing a walker fundraising incentives program. Walkers have up to four weeks after the event to continue their fundraising and qualify for prizes. Prizes are based off of individual fundraising, not how much the team raised. After the fundraising deadline fundraisers who earned a prize will have the opportunity to redeem it or donate it back to the American Liver Foundation.




Level 1: Raise $100= Official Liver Life Walk T-shirt

Level 2:   Coming Soon! 


Level 1: If your team raises $800 you will be given a custom team sign that you can use throughout the walk. Great for photo opportunities! Deadline: Friday, October 4 at 2PM. 

Level 2: Team that raises $1000 will be given a team trophy! Deadline: Friday, October 4 at 2PM. 

Level 3: Teams that raises $1000 will have their TEAM NAME on the back of the Liver Life Walk T-SHIRT! Deadline: Monday, September 30 at 4PM. 


Level 1: Get each person on your team to raise $10 and you, as the captain, will receive a branded Liver Life Walk selfie stick! Deadline: Wednesday, October 16 at 4PM. 

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