LIVEr Champion

2019 National LIVEr Champion

Manny and Aaron

Manny was 2 ½ months old when diagnosed with biliary atresia (BA). His first years of life were tough as he was frequently flown to Children’s Hospital Colorado. 2017 was a life changing year, after several hospitalizations his doctor gave us the news that Manny needed a new liver and on January 16th, he was added to the transplant list. On February 1st we received the call that we had a living donor. While we were in the hospital during recovery, we sent a thank you card. We received a letter back that included the living donors phone number. We called immediately and were able to meet, Aaron, the man who saved Manny’s life.

Thanks to Aaron, Manny is a happy, thriving 9 year old!

Written By: Karina Estrada, Manny’s Mom

I moved to Colorado in 2017 from Wisconsin. One day I was reading an article and it mentioned that you can donate a piece of your liver to someone and it would grow back. I was amazed at that idea. Nobody I knew needed their life saved but I wanted to give.  I met the liver transplant team at UCHealth and I asked if it was possible to donate to a child. People ask me every day why I was doing this, and it boiled down to one simple thing:  I’ll be uncomfortable a few weeks, but a child will have the opportunity to live an entire life.  Kids deserve a chance and now I have a friend for life.

Written By: Aaron Whalen, Liver Hero

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