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2018 Pacific Coast Division LIVEr Champion

Nathan BEAT the Fight

Last year we walked to help raise awareness for children with liver disease with the hope that research will lead to cures.  We’d especially wanted to bring awareness to Neonatal Hepatitis.

Our sweet baby boy Nathan was born with Aspirated meconium which lead to Respiratory failure and fluid in his lungs. While in the NICU intubated fighting for his life. Our amazing Dr. Truong found out that his total bilirubin direct bilirubin and ALT/AST labs were elevated. He spent thirty days in the hospital they preform multiple procedures and test. He was diagnosed with Neonatal Cholestasis and needed to rule out biliary atresia. They did two nuclear medicine tests and found out that his liver wasn’t functioning properly. He went into surgery a few days later. We were told that if he did have biliary atresia that they would do an extensive surgery which could lead to needing a liver transplant before the age of one. The surgeon preformed a Cholangiogram to test the flow of the blood vessels in the liver. Thankfully the blood vessels were not blocked. They ended up taking a liver biopsy and sent it to the children’s hospital in Cincinnati.

After surgery Nathan came home he was on liver medication and had blood work done weekly. Unfortunately his labs were raising which lead to more testing. He had a ultrasound which show that he had stones in his gallbladder. His GI specialist Dr. Ng recommend that he had a MRI with sedation. That day was ruff we thought that our little one was getting better. Again that test came back normal and the gallstones that he had were gone!! The results from his liver biopsy came back and the pathologist said it was Neonatal Hepatitis. Which basically meant that his liver was inflamed but they couldn’t tell us why.

At twenty weeks old we can proudly say our baby boy BEAT liver disease! Today he’s a healthy happy one year old. We still want to support the liver foundation and other families with little ones fighting liver diseases. Please join us and contribute to the cause. We’d love to have you on our team.

Every day is a gift with our baby

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