LIVEr Champion

Meet our 2018 CT LIVEr Champion

JoSeph Mayo

My journey with liver cancer has been a long one, one that began when a routine scan at the West Haven VA Hospital detected the presence of the Hep C virus. Thankfully, the Hep-C treatment was a success, but during the course of treatment, another liver scan revealed a spot on my liver. That was successfully treated by a procedure that burnt spot.

I thought my journey was over, but then the doctors discovered more cancer in my throat, prostate, liver, and lung. I have undergone scans, MRIs, and radiation treatment and have lost my left side taste bud and 30 pounds. Fortunately, the growths in my throat and liver were successfully treated, and my prostate was removed. At the moment, the growth on my lung is being evaluated to determine exactly what it is and the best course of treatment.

And, as I continue on my journey, I look back and believe that the lead-contaminated drinking water in the Carolinas when I was in basic training in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1960-1961 was the cause of my cancer. I was recently awarded 100% disability because I am no longer able to work. As a result, I have dedicated my life to supporting the ALF MISSION in any way possible as a person living with Liver Cancer and surrounding myself with positive people. I am a musician and a life coach, and my personal mission is to be a positive influence on as many people as possible.

So, when Dr. Taddei asked me to consider joining the American Liver Foundation (ALF) as this year’s Liver Live Walk Liver Champion, I gladly accepted the offer and I am happy to take on that role. I have invited my family and friends to join my team, GOAL MINDS, and to walk with me and support the work of the ALF.  I encourage you to register your team  for the 2018 Liver Life Walk. For, I believe that it is only through research and education that we will find treatments and hopefully one day a cure for all liver disease.

I look forward to meeting you at the Walk!

Thank you,

Joseph “Seph” Mayo


2018 National LIVEr Champion

Traci and Brodie Tigue

The Tigues’ world came crashing to a halt in September of 2015, when their four-month old son, Brodie, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease – Biliary Atresia. His only option for survival – a liver transplant.

After a whirlwind of events, Brodie’s mom, Traci, was a match to be a living organ donor, and she could donate a “SLIVER OF LIVER” to save him – giving him a second chance at life.

When Brodie was just five months and five days old, the family celebrated his “NEW LIVER BIRTHDAY.” Their surgeries were textbook, with the brilliant Liver Transplant Team at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The family is thrilled to report that Brodie is now two years post-transplant, and doing incredible. He is as adorable and ornery as they come, and he loves his new liver! His favorite things are Paw Patrol, tractors, lawn mowers, teasing his big sister Harper, and being on the move. Traci currently serves as a member of both the American Liver Foundation Heartland Division Board and the National Board.

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