I received a liver transplant on January 3, 2020. What a beautiful journey it has been in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic this year.  You see, life waits for nothing or no one. When our bodies require care or a new organ, it can strike at anytime.  It is our attitude, strength and resilience that drives our lives. Always, always be positive in all that comes your way. You see, there is a greater power that we don’t see and it is God!  Whether you believe or not there is a force to be reckoned with.  In living my life with many great attitude, a tremendous faith and powerful resilience I am walking today. I knew that I had NASH as it was the same disease that took my mother. My faith and walk led me to a great Hepatologist and facility.  I , like many other liver patients struggled daily with pain, weakness and bodily changes. That was not enough to stop me because my attitude was that I was going to beat this with all that I have within me and with me.  I have had such great support in my family, friends and co-workers and even acquaintances.  I was diagnosed with NASH in 2017. I lived each day knowing the disease would progress. In October 2018, I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. I needed treatment and was given radiation in 2 separate occasions to kill the cancer. Luckily, I was cancer free in October 2019.  I continued my journey knowing I needed a transplant and would soon be put on the list.  In December 2019, there were 3 calls for a new Liver. Each call was unsuccessful. I waited and on January 2, 2020, a new call for a Liver. We went to the hospital, I was prepped and the surgeon came out with a great big smile on her face and told me we have a good Liver waiting for you. Mind you, they do vigorous testing to validate it is compatible.  It was an elated feeling. I was taken into surgery after midnight on January 3rd for an 8-hour surgery. I awoke that day and was still incoherent. I remember talking, laughing and people. I was still under the effects of anesthesia. I do remember my Family surrounding my bed. It was truly a blessing and a day of Infamy fir me. I had triumphed over the disease and cancer. I was given a second chance and I am eternally grateful to my Donor and his family. I would be remiss for not giving Great Thanks to my Lord and Savior for walking with me and carrying me daily. If not for my attitude, faith and great support, it would have been a different outcome. Rally your champions whether they be in your physical presence or in spirit for all they give to your life. 💚