I’ve known for five years that I have a fatty liver and a lot of visceral fat.  “Oh”, I thought, “Fatty liver, visceral fat…fatty me.”  My GI told me to lose weight, exercise, avoid alcohol, and to watch my carbs.   This is what every doctor has told me forever.  So, I lived my life for  5 years, gaining weight, eating sweets and bread yum yum yum.

This past July, I saw my GI again.  He scheduled a FibroScan and I was flabbergasted.  My results showed that I have mild, verging into significant, liver fibrosis. WHAT?!!!!!!!

I am finding that my experience, unfortunately, is not unique.  At the time of diagnosis, I received no education or educational materials for my NAFLD.   If I had known the implications of my liver disease five years ago,  I would have changed my lifestyle immediately!

Since the diagnosis of my liver fibrosis,  I have stopped eating all added sugar, all processed foods, saturated/ trans fat, fried foods, and fast food.  I drink no alcohol. I eat only 1 bread product and 1 fruit per day, I keep my sodium under 1500 mg, and I count my carbs. I eat nuts and olive oil and I make all my food from scratch. I have lost 13 pounds. BUT, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!!!!  I have cobbled together my eating plan from the Internet.  I have an appointment with another gastroenterologist next month. I am hoping to find a complete program with a dietitian and exercise planning.  I have learned the hard way that I must advocate for my liver health!