LIVEr Champion

2018 St. Louis LIVEr Champion

Jessica Joy Wulf
August 26, 1975 – April 26, 2016

Jessica can be described as a thoughtful daughter, an amazing mother, caring sister and doting aunt.  Most people would also describe her as a loyal friend.  Even as a child Jessica was a leader and someone that made friends easily.  She was spunky and funny and loved practical jokes.

If you were a family member or friend she would care deeply about you and fight for you if necessary.  When she was diagnosed with liver disease,she immediately started to fight for the cause and did what she could to help.  She signed up for every research project that asked her.  The first liver walk she went to, she was determined to bring in the most money and bring the most people to the walk.  She was very sick that day, but walked the entire way to show how important it was to support the foundation.

Jessica also became an advocate for organ donation and was responsible for signing up hundreds of people as donors.  She did everything she could to encourage donors as she waited 17 months for her liver.  Jess became a very active member of the Liverators group and while she was very sick herself, she was comforting and supporting people internationally through their difficult times on social media.  She fought hard and encouraged other patients to do the same.  Jessica wanted to make a difference and she did that in life and in death as she too was an organ donor.  She would be so proud to be recognized by the Liver Foundation.

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