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WALK IN HONOR OF – Liver Life Walk allows people affected by liver disease the opportunity to come together and support each other in a festive and inspiring environment.


Funds raised by Liver Life Walk allow the American Liver Foundation to help improve the lives of people with liver disease through: advocacy, education, support services and research. Every gift makes a difference.


To date, the American Liver Foundation has provided nearly $27 million in support to more than 870 researchers.

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Event Date:  Rescheduled- date to be announced

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Route: 1 mile or 3 miles

Location: Memorial Park
S Picnic Lane
Houston, TX 77007

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Liver Life Walk Houston

Join us as we change the face of liver disease. Your participation will bring awareness to liver disease and provide financial support for our educational programs and patient services offered to the millions of Americans battling one of the 100 known liver diseases.


Fundraising is key to your participation in Liver Life Walk. To make it easier, we provide all walkers with sample emails, a customizable personal fundraising page and staff to provide guidance, coaching and support. Online fundraising is available OR you may mail donations to:

American Liver Foundation
Attn: Liver Life Walk Houston
701 North Post Oak Road Suite 515
Houston, TX 77024

Walkers who raise $100 or more will receive the National Walk Shirt to commemorate the day. Additional fundraising prizes are offered to walkers who raise $250+.

Meet our 2020 Texas Liver Ambassador, Shyam!

In January of 2001, I was born with biliary atresia, a liver disease in which the bile ducts inside and outside of the liver are scarred and obstructed. My parents found out when I was 1 week old. At the age of 2 weeks, weighing in at 5 pounds, I had surgery to remove the blocked bile ducts and create another way for the bile to drain out of my liver. My parents learned that there was no cure and were completely thrown into a life with liver disease.

I was sick and in and out of hospitals for the first three years of my life. After that, I stabilized and was able to live a relatively normal life. My parents always made sure to tell me exactly what was going on with my health and the routine tests that I had to have. I grew up knowing I had biliary atresia. I had a few restrictions in terms of physical activity, but I played competitive flag football, basketball and did well in school.

In the summer of 2016, while suffering from stomach pain my mom took me to the emergency room where it was discovered that I had cholangitis. I had a stent placed and had to start my sophomore year with a bile drain bag. It was during this time that I really started to become interested in my disease. My physician, a liver specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital was exceptional in helping me to understand what I was going through; I really started to think that I might want to pursue medicine in college.

I am currently a freshman in college pursuing a degree in Health Sciences. My parents always made sure that I was healthy and happy. My parents taught me that I am not defined by my liver disease. It’s a part of me, part of my story. It does not dictate who I am, but rather it has helped me decide who I would like to become.

Virtual Wall of Hope

Stories of real people like you affected by liver disease. Share why you walk or volunteer, submit your story today.



In 2010, Manny was only two and a half months old when he was diagnosed with biliary atresia (BA). Very soon after he was diagnosed, he had his first surgery called the Kasai procedure. His first years of life were tough as he was frequently having to get flown to the...

Brodi and Traci

Brodi and Traci

The Tigues’ world came crashing to a halt in September of 2015, when their four-month old son, Brodie, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease – Biliary Atresia.  His only option for survival – a liver transplant. After a whirlwind of events, Brodie’s mom, Traci, was...

Annistyn Kate

Annistyn Kate

Annistyn Kate was born on October 1, 2012, and shortly after was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia (BA). At 2 months old, Annistyn Kate’s mom, Meghan, was told that her daughter needed a major operation called a Kasai procedure, which would be...



Chaise was born on November 19, 2009 with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia, a disease of the bile ducts that prevents the flow of bile from the liver. At 8.5 weeks old, he underwent his first major surgery. The surgery was not successful, and he was then...